LOK Training Solutions

Offering efficient and accessible trainings to medical device representatives and end-users around the globe.

Looking for your online training?

Who we are

LOK Training Solutions is a service offered by LOK Corporation, a renown commercial agent in the medical device industry. By helping medical device manufacturers to manage their distribution channels for two decades, we came to appreciate how much the current industry standards are inefficient at maintaining a well-trained sales force. Most manufacturers are accustomed to face-to-face sales training sessions and attending Regional or International kick-off meetings. Some manufacturers also take initiative and host these meetings at their facilities, but these can be very costly and sometimes ineffective. Most of the time, kick-off meetings are attended by the distributor’s upper management and not by the sales representatives themselves. You end up putting your fate into the manager’s hands and hoping that their team gets trained exactly how you conducted your training. You should take control of the training sales representatives receive on your product by making sure that everyone is trained in the same way and has access to the same information. 


  • Training should be available as a reference to the representative at all time from anywhere in the world.
  • Training should focus on the benefits of your product but also how it differs from the competition.
  • Training should be mandatory for everyone who represents your product.
  • Training content should be provided by your company either in person or virtually.
  • Training should have a resources section where up to date materials are constantly updated.

What we do

LOK Training Solutions are designed to meet the requirements stated above. Whether you are looking to train sales representatives or end-users, we make sure that they have know everything they have to know before selling or using your device. Trainees can learn at their own pace while their progress and results are tracked, and they can go back to any section if they need a refresher. Training can be offered in multiple languages to suit your needs.

LOK Sales Training

Our sales training solution is designed to standardise the message throughout your sales resource, both internal and external. To do so, trainees have to go through and understand three main course sections: the technology, the science and the selling, after which their understanding is put to test.

LOK End-User Training

Our end-user solution was implemented for military products for which it is sometimes not possible to train the deployed health professionals. During the COVID-19, as it is more difficult to get in the hospital, this training solution is ideal to ensure health professionals get an in-depth course on your product. 

How we do it

  • Content Review


    Our team gets training on the product, go through your documentation and establish the training flow for your approval. As we learn on your device, we are able to identify aspects that might appear simple to your company, but need further explaining.

  • Creation


    Our team prepares the training sections and sends them for your review. We also ask someone else on our team that was not involved in the project to go through the course to assess their understanding.

  • Launch


    Once your training platform is ready to go live, we give you access to a dashboard where you can give access to all the sales representatives in your distribution channel. The users will simply click on a link they receive by email, and they will be ready to start learning about your product.

  • Track


    From the dashboard, you can monitor the training progress and test results of all your sales representatives. All the ones that received the certification for your product are listed with their date of completion.

  • Refresh


    As new material is created, you can add it to the platform for sales representative to access it. Each year, we go over the platform with you to make modifications if the key message has changed or if new studies are released.

An online training platform is the only affordable solution that brings adequate control over the qualification of your sales force. As a manufacturer, you are responsible of what is claimed about your product all around the world, too often, by people you have not trained directly. To learn more about our simple solution to take control of your training and maintain a well-trained sales force, we invite you to schedule a demo.