The Solution to En-route Care Systems and O2 Tanks

Current field and transport medical systems require a multitude of devices that the MOVES® SLC™ integrates into one portable piece of equipment. Thornhill Medical was able to create a solution that not only provided adequate ventilation for patients that could easily be used during transport and in challenging environments but created a completely integrated Intensive Care Unit.


Used by multiple international armed forces for casualty care during transport (both ground and air) as well as in field hospitals and forward surgical suites, MOVES® SLC™ is a revolutionary, completely integrated Intensive Care Unit (ICU). MOVES® SLC™ combines an O2 concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete vital signs monitoring into a single, compact, portable, battery-operated system.

The Benefits to the MOVES® SLC™ System

Continuity of Care

MOVES® SLC™ is designed, and tested, to support en-route care patient transport missions in addition to providing stationary life support capability. Whether operated in a helicopter, jet aircraft, turbo-propelled aircraft, ground transport vehicle, or stationary field hospital, MOVES® SLC™ has undergone real and simulated lifecycle testing to confirm reliability in these various extreme environmental and use conditions. Across the care continuum, no disconnection or equipment handoff is required as MOVES® SLC™ accompanies the patient through the different levels of care, maintaining patient care at the highest level.

Simple, Efficient and Mobile

MOVES® SLC™ simplifies patient care, as patient monitoring, ventilation, suction and oxygen concentration functions are controlled through a single device, with a single user interface, and powered by battery or a single external power source. MOVES® SLC™ will operate in all transport platforms and provide the attending healthcare provider complete access to the patient. MOVES® SLC™ reduces the weight and size of current portable systems by over 50%, allowing for quick set up and tear down and making forward-deployed medical personnel more mobile and efficient.

No Oxygen Tanks Needed

Thornhill Medical’s patented circle-circuit (closed-circuit) ventilator, in combination with the integrated O2 concentrator, means MOVES® SLC™ can effectively eliminate the need to carry heavy, bulky and dangerous high pressure O2 cylinders. How? A high FiO2 can be maintained with low-flow O2, as the patient rebreathes their exhaled O2 through MOVES® SLC™’s innovative circle-circuit ventilator. MOVES® SLC™ provides typical standard of care oxygen therapy for critically ill patients without high pressure O2 cylinders.

The Result

Since early 2017, MOVES® SLC™ has been deployed in battlefield conditions, providing primary life support care for forward surgical teams operating in challenging environments. These forces have reported that MOVES® SLC™ relieved their logistical burden of transporting multiple devices and compressed oxygen cylinders as the field surgical suite changed location, enhancing their mobility and operational efficiency.