Thornhill Medical Overview

Who is Thornhill Medical?

  • Thornhill Medical was founded in 2004 by Dr. Joe Fisher, a world-renowned clinician scientist in the field of anesthesiology and cardiopulmonary intensive care.
  • Mission: Deliver unique medical devices, using the lung as a portal, to transform current diagnostic and therapeutic patient care.
  • Vision: Making the inconceivable a reality.
  • Canadian-based company located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Thornhill Medical designs, develops and manufactures unique and technologically advanced respiratory based medical devices.
  • A world leader in the precise control of arterial blood gases.
  • Thornhill’s inventions have been awarded about 40 patents.
  • More than 700 peer reviewed publications by Thornhill Medical scientists:  Joe Fisher MD, Steve Iscoe PhD, Jim Duffin PhD, Ludwik Fedorko DPhil, MD, Olivia Sobczyk PhD.
  • Tens of thousands of citations in peer-reviewed literature.
  • ISO 13485 certified to produce medical products
  • Thornhill Medical manufactures 3 medical devices, MOVES® SLC™, MADM™, and ClearMate™, and one investigational tool, the RespirAct™ Gas Control System.

The Story: The MOVES® SLC™

Dr. Fisher’s lab was known to have been successful at finding efficient ways of delivering oxygen to patients. This got the attention of the United States Marine Corps which was looking for ways to get rid of oxygen tanks from the field. The goal was to ensure oxygen was provided efficiently, decreasing the amount of oxygen that was needed but to still have the same effect on the patient. This is where the MOVES® SLC™ technology came in. Dr. Fisher and his colleagues created a device that helped eliminate the use of oxygen tanks in addition to decreasing the amount of oxygen that was needed on the field.