The MOVES® SLC™ Oxygen Concentrator

The MOVES® SLC™ is intended to provide supplemental oxygen-enriched air to patients that require supplemental oxygen. The concentrator provides up to or greater than 87% O2 into the ventilator breathing circuit during Ventilate mode or directly to the O2 outlet during O2 Supplement mode. In order to provide high FiO2 values, high flow oxygen in not needed in a circle circuit ventilator. The Oxygen concentrator produces 2.5 LPM of approximately 93%-95% concentrated oxygen which exceeds the 0.3 LPM typically consumed by an adult patient. The exhaled air is scrubbed off its CO2 and the O2 is circulated back in the ventilator.

Exercising the Oxygen Concentrator

If the system is not in use, it should be removed from storage every 3 months and run in O2 supplement mode for at least 2 hours. If this process is not performed, accelerated degradation of the concentrator may occur.

Battery Consumption

The runtime of the battery is very dependent of the oxygen concentrator use. Below, you will find the approximative runtimes based on usage of the oxygen concentrator.

  • FiO2 greater than 85% for ventilated patients (~ 3 hours battery runtime)
  • FiO2 up to 85% for ventilated patients (~ 6 hours battery runtime)
  • FiO2 of 99% for ventilated patients with 0.5– 1.0 LPM of external gas supply (~12 hours battery runtime)

While using the external gas supply, a D-size cylinder (455 L) will supply about 14 hours of 99% O2 to a ventilated patient due to the oxygen conservation of the MOVES® SLC™ compared to about an hour of supply on an open-circuit ventilator.