The MOVES® SLC™ Suction Unit

Intended Use

The MOVES® SLC™ suction pump is intended for aspiration and removal of fluids, tissue (including bone), gases, bodily fluids or infectious materials from wounds or from a patient’s airway or respiratory support system.

Theory of Operation

The system provides variable suction between –100 and –325 mmHg with flow rates of 20 L/min. A suction kit, consisting of a wand, two hoses, and an 800 mL suction filtration canister with a canister holder, is attached to the suction port of the MOVES® SLC™. The aspirated air is vented through the exhaust of the MOVES® SLC™ system.

How to Install Suction Unit

Below you will find the instructions on how to install the suction unit.

1. The clips of suction canister holder attach to the SIDE rail on either side of MOVES® SLC™.

2. Attach the suction canister holder to MOVES® SLC™ by depressing the clips and sliding them along the SIDE rail into the desired position.

Release the clips and ensure that they lock into place.

3. The anchor will lock into place in the space between any two of the holes in the row.

4. The suction canister holder is shown correctly attached in this photo.

5. Insert the suction canister into the holder as shown. Make sure that the large red plug circled in yellow is firmly in place.

6. Connect the short suction hose to the ‘SUCTION INLET’ port of the suction canister. Note: The short suction hose connects the canister to the MOVES® SLC™ unit.

7. Open the protective cover of the ‘SUCTION’ port located on the LEFT side of the MOVES® SLC™ unit.

‘SUCTION’ port is shown in the image.

8. Connect the other end of the short suction hose to the ‘SUCTION’ port.

9. Connect the patient suction hose (long hose) to ‘PATIENT PORT’ on the suction canister.

10. Connect the patient suction wand to the other end of the patient suction hose.