Components of The MOVES® SLC™

The MOVES® SLC™ simplifies patient care, as patient monitoring, ventilation, suction and oxygen concentration functions are controlled through a single device, with a single user interface and powered by battery or a single external power source.

The following orientations should be remembered:

  • FRONT: End of MOVES® SLC™ that contains the patient connection panel.
  • BACK or REAR: End of MOVES® SLC™ that contains the power switch.
  • RIGHT and LEFT Sides: As seen looking from FRONT to BACK.
  • MOVES® SLC™ should be operated in the upright position.

The MOVES® SLC™ system is comprised of five main modules:

  1. Oxygen Concentrator
  2. Ventilator
  3. Suction System
  4. Patient Monitoring System
  5. Power system

Oxygen Concentrator

The concentrator provides up to or greater than 87% O2 into the ventilator breathing circuit during Ventilate mode or directly to the O2 outlet during O2 Supplement mode.


The ventilator is comprised of a blower, a sealed ventilator chamber that houses the ventilator bag (air / oxygen reservoir), and a valve block that interfaces with the breathing cartridge and ventilator breathing circuit.


The system provides variable suction between –100 and –325 mmHg with flow rates of 20 L/min.

Patient Monitoring System

The MOVES® SLC™ has the capability to monitor several physiological vital signs, including the following:

  1. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)
  2. Arterial Blood Pressure
  3. Central Venous Pressure
  4. Intracranial Pressure
  5. FiO2/EtCO2 (+Capnography)
  6. Masimo SpO2
  7. Temperature
  8. Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Power System

The MOVES® SLC™ operates on either rechargeable batteries (DC) or AC power. The MOVES® SLC™ houses up to two lithium polymer batteries. MOVES® SLC™ will operate on a set of 2 batteries for approximately 2.5 hours minimum.