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As new material is created, you can add it to the platform for sales representative to access it. Each year, we go over the platform with you to make modifications if the key message has changed or if new studies are released.


From the dashboard, you can monitor the training progress and test results of all your sales representatives. All the ones that received the certification for your product are listed with their date of completion.


Once your training platform is ready to go live, we give you access to a dashboard where you can give access to all the sales representatives in your distribution channel. The users will simply click on a link they receive by email, and they will be ready to start learning about your product.


Our team prepares the training sections and sends them for your review. We also ask someone else on our team that was not involved in the project to go through the course to assess their understanding.


Our team gets training on the product, go through your documentation and establish the training flow for your approval. As we learn on your device, we are able to identify aspects that might appear simple to your company, but need further explaining.